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My Visual Basic Slot Machine

Posted on: December 16, 2014by: Stephen Miller

I don't code much, if any at all with Visual Basic. However, I was experimenting / learning a few months ago and decided to see what I could do with Visual Basic. I play a lot of those slot machine apps to kill time, so I decided to try to build one myself (without all the bells and whistles).

What I have created is your basic 3 reel slot that has a simple bonus feature and free spin function. Please do not mind the graphics, as the design piece was not my focus. I wanted to focus more strictly on the logic of how a slot machine operates. The game allows the user to bet up to five lines at 500 coins each line.

I hope you enjoy my first go ahead at Visual Basic.

And hence the name Waste of Time Slot...while fully functioning (with a hiccup or two) this was never intended to be a complete final project - just practice.

To Install

Click the link below to download the zip file:

1. Extract all the files in the zip folder to a location you prefer.

2. Open the extracted file folder (you will see multiple files).

3. Click the Waste of Time Application (executable file) - second file in directory.

I'm certain there is any easier method to create some kind of installer, but as I stated, I'm not a VB guy, so this method will have to work until I learn something new.


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