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About Me

My name is Stephen Miller and I design websites.
Whether you're in need of a personal or small business website, I can be of assistance.

More About Me

I'm the tall blonde guy on the left.

My name is Stephen Miller and I'm located in Baltimore, Maryland.

I live what I'd like to consider a normal lifestyle. I've have been married for 9 years and have a 7 year old running around at home. When I'm not chasing my son, I work a full time management (19 years management experience) position at a Nursing Home Facility managing the Environmental Services Department (that's the professional way of saying Housekeeping and Laundry).

I am a freelance web designer / developer. I have worked for both small business and personal websites. Initially, the idea of designing websites was just a hobby. Till this day, I guess I could still call it a hobby, since I'm not designing full time. Ultimately, getting an opportunity to work full time as a designer or developer is the goal.

Why Bony Bean?

Let's name is Stephen Miller (not exactly a rare name). No chance of using my own name. And finding a domain name that represents who you are isn't an easy find anymore. After hours...days...weeks of trying to find a domain name, I tryed Here's how I figured out the name. I'm six feet two inches tall and weight in, on a good day, 150 lbs. That makes me a pretty skinny guy (It should be noted - I eat like I should weight 300lbs). I figured I make a good representation of the term 'bony beanpole', so I decided to go with it. And that's what Bony Bean means to me.


College: Bachelor of Science - Information Systems Management (University of Maryland Universtiy College, 2017)
Associate of Applied Science - Computer Information Systems (2015)

High School: Carver Center for the Arts (1998) - Focus on fine arts, photography, and graphic design.

As far as all the techniques and skills I use in my web design and development, I have self taught myself all the different areas in which I'm experienced. I continue my personal education of web design/development by studying other peoples works, reading lots of tutorial books, reviewing online tutorials, and lots of practice.


Safety Innovation Award | 2009

Leaving the name of the company I work for blank (not sure if it's a copyright issue)...I received this award for assisting with the development of an online safety training and tracking system to be used company wide for approximately 250,000 employees.

My Bio

Name: Stephen Miller
Age: 44
Hometown: Baltimore
Availability: YES

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About Me

My name is Stephen Miller and I'm located in Baltimore, Maryland. I consider myself a part-time freelance web design and developer with ambitions of one day make it a full-time reality. [read more...]

My Boy


Web design and scripting languages currently used:

  • HTML 5 / XHTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery / AJAX

I'm currently using the following Adobe software / programs in my design work:

  • Creative Cloud CC

Contact Info

Do you need a new or update to an existing website? Feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to assist.

Telephone: 410-952-9748

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